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Новости (Июнь 2018)

Vitaly Sevastianov and Angelique Meyer split

Прислано, понедельник, 18 июн 2018, 11:16 от admin | 0 коментарий
Прочитано, 743

We have received an email from Vitaly Sevastianov and Angelique Meyer where they announced their decision to separate. They are the current French Professional Latin champions. See more results. Vitaly and Angelique wrote: With all the sadnest we would like to announce that our partnership came to an end. We would like to say a big thank ...

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Interview with Ferdinando Iannaccone and Yulia Musikhina

Прислано, суббота, 16 июн 2018, 20:26 от admin | 0 коментарий
Прочитано, 696

We interviewed the winners of the Amateur Latin event at Blackpool Festival Ferdinando Iannaccone and Yulia Musikhina. This husband and wife team won Amateur Latin event in 2017 and repeated this success in 2018. This interview was conducted last year, and both Yulia and Ferdi were over the moon to have won this prestigious title for the fir...

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Interview with Danil Dobrovolskiy and Anastasiya Malovana

Прислано, среда, 06 июн 2018, 19:12 от admin | 0 коментарий
Прочитано, 1 102

We interviewed Danil Dobrovolskiy and Anastasiya Malovana, winners of the Amateur Rising Star Ballroom at UK Open 2018 back in January, and winners of both Under21 Ballroom and Rising Stars in Blackpool at the end of May. Amazing result for such a young couple. Danil and Anastasiya represent Ukraine, and live and train in Kyiv. Their recipe ...

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Karla Gerbes retires from competitive dancing

Прислано, понедельник, 04 июн 2018, 17:50 от admin | 0 коментарий
Прочитано, 1 151

One of the top Australian Professional Latin couples, Andrey Gorbunov and Karla Gerbes split up due to Karla's decision to retire from competitive dancing. See their profile page. Karla wrote: With a heavy heart but a smile on my face I would like to announce my retirement from competitive dancing. This last week has been the mos...

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