Blackpool Dance Festival 2014

22 май 2014 - 30 май 2014

Англия - Blackpool


Winter Gardens
Church Street

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31 мар 2014 (понедельник)

Entry information

Senior Competitors are restricted to dancing in the Senior Championships only. Under 21 Years Competitors may dance in the Rising Stars Amateur Competitions in each branch, but are restricted to dancing in EITHER the Under 21 Years Championships OR the Open Amateur Championships in each branch. Fill in the Entry Form (available from the website) and send it with the Entry Fee Form.

Amateurs: The Entry Fee only covers the 1st Qualifying Heat. If the Entry Fee Form does not accompany the Entry Form then Entry will not be accepted.

All entries will be acknowledged by post. If Competitors do not receive a Confirmation of Entry within seven days after the closing date, it is their responsibility to contact the Organiser to verify that they are entered in the relevant Competitions.


If any Competitor withdraws from any Competition after entry, immediate notification in writing should be made. Failure to do this renders them liable to disqualification from entering any future events. No late entries will be accepted and there will be no spare numbers, nor will anyone be allowed to dance in place of competitors who have not claimed their numbers