Vjaceslavs Visnakovs and Tereza Kizlo retire from competition

Vjaceslavs Visnakovs and Tereza Kizlo retire from competition

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We have just received a note from Vjaceslavs Visnakovs and Tereza Kizlo that they decided to end their competitive career after 10 years. They represented Latvia and were national champions in 2012. They represented their country at the European championships where they were in the semi-finals. Since then, they moved to the WDC Amateur League and their best results include semi finals and quater finals of the UK Open, Blackpool and the International Championships. See their results page

They wrote: Today, we would like to announce that our partnership has come to an end. With tears in our eyes we say good-bye to this moment and close this chapter of competitive career together. Sending our thankful thoughts to everyone who was part of this exciting journey. We would like to thank our parents for putting us together and supporting from beggining letting us discover this life with freedom.

We would like to thank our Atis Legzdins who raised us and helped us become dancers we are today. Thank you Colin James for being by our side for so many years, giving priceless knowledge and experience. Thank you Klaus Kongsdal for believing in us more than we had and for being true friend and mentor.

Thank you our sponsors Aida shoes and Ottante for your belief and support.

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