Maurizio Vescovo retires from competitive dancing
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Maurizio Vescovo retires from competitive dancing

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Right after the final Jive of the Professional Latin competition at the International Championships 2016, we learned that Maurizio Vescovo decided to retire from competitive dancing. Karen Hardy read a letter on Maurizio's behalf.

He said:

"I am extremelly happy to share that moment with you tonight. After thirty years of dancing I decided that today is a perfect time for me to retire from the competitive career and continue with the new life of coaching and judging. I decided to do it here, tonight, at the Royal Albert Hall, one of the most prestigious places in the world at the very important competition for me"

Maurizio thanked his soulmate Andra, who has given him possibility to be who he is today and together achieve results he never imagined. He also thanked his coaches, friends, supporters and many fans. He received a standing ovation from his fellow dancers and many fans in the audience after Karen read the letter. It must have been sad news for many as it was a joy to watch Maurizio dance, but his fans were expressing their support in his decision to retire now wishing him all the best.

Andra will continue her dancing with her fiance, Nino Langella, and Maurizio wishes them them best of luck in the many years to come.

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